How to write Wiki Articles

Date: January 11, 2017
Authors: Marv
Categories: Wiki, To-Do

  • Long articles or ones with more than two headings should contain a table of contents. Add one by including the line [toc] at the top of your article. (Check this article's source for reference.)
  • Don't link external pictures. Upload them below the editor for each article.
  • Add a category to your articles (tags are not necessary)
  • Use Markdown or simple HTML (prefer Markdown over HTML)
  • Add unfinished articles to the To-Do category.
  • Don't use the wiki for non-informational files/content (e.g. Scrapbook Deluxe, Arcade ISOs, ...) That's what the archive will be for.
  • Set the date to today when you (majorly) edited a page!
  • Don't add pages for cars or tracks. Those will be on the upload/download page.
  • Don't put tutorials on the wiki. Those will find their place on

Go to the Pages menu of the Grav admin panel and click on Add Page.
Give the page a unique title and make sure the folder name doesn't already exist.
Choose Wiki as the parent page (otherwise it won't be listed but rather shown in the menu).
Choose Article as the page template.
Leave Visible on Auto.
Go to the Options tab and select a Date.
Enter a Category, Tags and an Author at the bottom of the page.

Go to the Pages menu. Click on the + next to Wiki to expand the list of articles.
Use the cross (X) in the list entries.

[Ai Nodes Tutorial](/articles/ai-nodes)
Ai Nodes Tutorial

[R6's Articles](/authors/r6)
R6's Articles

[See all Makeitgood Tutorials](/find?name=category&val=Makeitgood)
See all Makeitgood Tutorials

Enable TWIG Processing in the Advanced tab of the editor.

Upload all desired files below the editor and link them like this:

{% include "/modular/gallery.html.twig" with {
    'column_number': 4, 
    'gallery': {
        'image1': {image: "Estate1.jpg", 'title': "Staircase", 'description': ""},
        'image2': {image: "Estate2.jpeg", 'title': "Roof", 'description': ""},
        'image3': {image: "Estate3.jpeg", 'title': "Dorms", 'description': ""},
        'image4': {image: "Estate4.jpeg", 'title': "Lift", 'description': ""}
} %}

Categories can have articles. Example:


redirects to


The contents of /articles/rvgl will be shown on the category page (/find...), in addition to a list of all the pages that belong to the category.

For the article page, set up the redirect to /find?name=category&val=Categoryname in the Advanced tab of the editor (Page Redirect).