Date: October 6, 2017
Authors: thatmotorfreak, z3r0l33t (Uploader: z3r0)
Categories: car
Type: repaint
Packs: Baja-Pack
Repaint of bajabug
Downloads: 13
Views: 15
Download BadJam Install with RVGL Companion


We, thatmotorfreak and I are proud to present that remodel, repaint and reparam of scloink's well known Baja Bug.
We hope this car will be as fun to drive for you as it was fun for us to modify. :D

Rating : pro
Transmission : 4WD
Class : glow
Top speed : 40mph (theoretical)

A Baja Bug is an original Volkswagen Beetle modified to operate off-road (open desert, sand dunes and beaches) and were first seen in the late 1960s.



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