Date: September 12, 2017
Authors: Kiwi (Uploader: kiwi)
Categories: car
Type: remodel
Remodel of bigvolt
Downloads: 27
Views: 158
Download Blackfoot Install with RVGL Companion


This is the first car I've ever made for Re-Volt.

It's a Tamiya Blackfoot, which was originally released in 1986. In 2016, the Monster Truck was re-released, but some details was changed (Especially the Ford brand, and some other details). I've decided to do the 86-version, so you can find Ford-logos and the 1980 Ford Ranger grill.

I took the stock Monster Truck "BigVolt" as a basis and adjusted some details, like a new front-bumper, new wheels, circle headlights, added shocks, and so on. I also modified the car parameters, so it's now a class higher. I tried to adjust the parameters, that the characteristics of the Original Blackfoot can be found (you only have to search deep engogh, hehe) but I also wanted the car good to drive in races (what is not the intention of the original model for sure). I also tried to make the car not to easy to drive, so it has his unique character, and driving get not boring after some races.

The car has a rear wheel drive, which make it understeer sometimes and a bit hard to handle in some situations. But after some laps of learning, it's fun to drive with it, and it can win races against cars in the same class like Panga TC or R6 Turbo.






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