Date: July 29, 2017
Authors: shara :v (Uploader: shara--)
Categories: car
Type: reparam
Reparam of ferbol
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Views: 100
Download Colonvee Kombinat Install with RVGL Companion


NOTE: this is the normal, fair speed version of the car used in the All's Fair competition. the fast and overpowered version of the car that is actually used in the competition is still unreleased

the Colonvee Kombinat is a repaint made for the second All's Fair competition.
the origin of the repaint is unreleased (No.3 Modified "Kohachi Kombinat"), but the Colonvee will take spotlight in the tourney.
there is no handling modifications from the Kohachi Kombinat except the ride height, which is heightened a tiny bit to absorb uneven surfaces better.

the Colonnvee's paintjob is based of Chara's color scheme from Undertale.
the car's color is green with a faded yellow stripe. it has a black fat 5 spoke rims with red lining, black rear wing and racing-inspired decals. the car's front, is not quite what it seems to be.
the Colonnvee handles very stable at a cost, it doesnt handle like a normal car would. The car has low grip but high traction on the wheels. this results in a controllable and agile slippery handling.
the car has moderately high speed and acceleration along with variable handling. getting used to the slippery and controllable handling is the key to mastering this car.

well, thats it for the creation of shara :v

Thanks to:
creator of the video game 'Undertale', Toby Fox (which provides the main inspiration of the repaint)
Marv for holding an All's Fair II competition
The Me and Me for the Ferrari Boilde base model




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