Date: April 20, 2017
Authors: Snado (Uploader: snado)
Categories: car, drift
Type: repaint, reparam
Repaint of jg6rc
Reparam of d15ni
Downloads: 22
Views: 212
Download D15 Drift Install with RVGL Companion


The Drift D15 is a drift-tuned modified version of the D15

Compared to the D15 which has a ricey tuner modification style,
the Drift D15 paint is based on road track circuit racers with clean simple paint and sponsors.
since its based of a road track circuit car, it doesnt have a number plate. the car also has new gold rims and higher suspensions as well.

as the name says, the handling of this car is drifty. the car has a 4WD drivetrain with more power on the back.
it has a fairly low and balanced amount of traction and grip on its wheels.
the acceleration is improved but loses its speed. this is compensated by having a lighter body.
the car's drift is fast and easy to control. its easy to counter-steer, high angles doesnt slow the car down much and recovers its speed easily after corners.

the car is too fast compared to the cars in the I/O Drift Pack.
Odie tweaked the parameters to make the car slower and a bit harder to control.
his parameters are included in the car as "odieparameters.txt" if you want a slower and harder handling. thanks to him for the tweaks!




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