Date: September 8, 2017
Authors: Strix Midnight, Joe Groombridge, RV_Passion (Uploader: strixmidnight)
Categories: car
Type: repaint
Repaint of JG4SNW35
Downloads: 26
Views: 209
Download Pemto Install with RVGL Companion


Pemto is a car that can be found on Joe Groombridge's website ( Joe Groombridge was one of the artists that made the stock cars.
The original car can be seen here :

I decided to remade this car from Humma's body. Because of the low res screen, I can't see clearly the car for some parts, I was not able to completely reproduce the original car. So I took some liberty on it :)

Authors :
- Joe Groombridge (original concept, original art)
- StrixMidnight (remade car)
- RV_Passion (carbox)




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