Date: September 8, 2017
Authors: shara :v (Uploader: shara--)
Categories: car
Type: original
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this is the first original car i made.

it is based of Tamiya's Mini 4WD Fully Cowled toy cars.
the body mainly takes design from Tamiya's "Tridagger X".
similar to how Mini 4WD is like, this car virtually cant turn, requiring the need to wallgrind across corners.
this car has an extremely wide turning radius. the car relies on wallgrind and wallbangs to corner through a turn, like how real Mini 4WD toys only goes straight.
to compensate for its bad cornering ability, this car has very fast speed and accel, taking off in moments' notice and tops at a high speed limit.

even though this car may seem to be a useless quirky car, this car is actually capable and has steep learning curve.
the car's high speed can be of a use if one manage to make up for its bad cornering ability.
in order to corner through tight turns and borderless turns properly, the car needs to powerslide. mastering the powerslide is key to achieving this car's potential.
the car needs to brake to initiate a powerslide, braking as long as the sliding angle needed to corner properly. however, the car cant slide at low speeds, so keeping and maintaining the car's speed is a must.
if the car ever goes slow in a corner, it cant no longer complete the corner properly, needing to reposition. the car also has a very bad recovery, any big mistakes made during driving requires manual reposition.

example run:

in the end, this is a car with unique handling, making use of wallgrinds and powerslides to achieve victory.

(thanks to Mladen for cleaning up the model and for the mapping)




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