Date: November 8, 2017
Authors: Kiwi (Uploader: kiwi)
Categories: car
Type: remodel
Remodel of baddrc
Downloads: 17
Views: 72
Download Pest Buster Install with RVGL Companion


While driving some laps with Pest Control, I had this idea to do a pest exterminator company van.

It's in the same class then Pest Control, but I'm sure you will like the handling more! ;)

For the body I took Badd RC as a basis, and did some small adjustments. The art design is from original Pest Control. It was my purpose, to let it look the same, so please don't complain about this.

After adding the spider on the top, I was searching for an idea, to make the whole thing a little bit funnier. I liked the idea from pmjar.prj to turn the rotating spider into a dead spider. Finally I added some green spider blood, flooding all over the roof and the side parts of the van.

!!! ATTENTION !!!: If you are a sensitive and spider-loving person, better don't download Pest Buster. :D

Texture and boxart size is matching the classical Re-Volt style (256x256 for texture), if you like to have it in better quality, higher resolution files are included.

Have fun with Pest Buster.




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